Goldic- cell regeneration without stem cell transplantation for veterinarian and human application

Goldic- cell regeneration without stem cell transplantation for veterinarian and human application

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The Healing Magic of Gold
Better than IRAP, PRP, and Stem Cell Therapy

Since recorded history, gold has been the most sought after metal. It has been used for jewelry, coinage, religious artifacts, dental work, decorations, and even woven into fabric. You could also say that gold has also held a mystical presence given for example, the legend of alchemists, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and the craze of the California Gold Rush. In ancient times it was considered a sign of immortality because it does not corrode as other metals do. Those ancient cultures were not too far from the mark in that consideration. Today there is a gold therapy that offers amazing healing properties. Not exactly immortality but perhaps the next best thing, regeneration. Although gold therapy has been used since the early 1900's for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, it often caused toxic side effects. However, this new advanced gold therapy has no side effects. Nor does it require surgery or medications. Arthrogen Goldic is a stand-alone product that regenerates soft tissue.
Dr. Ulrich Schneider, an orthopedic surgeon and rheumatologist who specializes in regeneration therapy near Munich has developed a product and a procedure that enables us to receive the benefits of gold without the side effects. Through a very simple procedure Dr. Schneider with the help of specialists at Heidelberg University figured out how to obtain the healing properties of gold outside of the body and then put it back into the body. Hmmm.... It sounds a little like alchemy. Let's demystify the magic of Goldic.
The patient's blood is pulled into 4 different vials containing specially formulated gold crystals. The vials of blood are then incubated for 24 hours and centrifuged afterwards to separate the blood from the serum. Then the vials of blood serum are injected back into the patient with a special filter that catches any gold salts and cells only allowing your own blood serum back into the body. The magic of Goldic happens while in the vials of blood. The gold crystals acts as a catalyst to up regulate growth factors such as Gelsolin, G-CSF, and SCCF-B. For example the blood protein gelsolin which has a normal blood value of 1990 becomes up to 10 times more powerful with a blood value of 21250 after the Goldic process. All of these growth factors simultaneously stimulate stem cell proliferation at the site of injury and provide essential substances to injured tissue cells for differentiation and regeneration of the original pre-injured tissue. Therefore there is no need for stem cell transplantation. It regenerates injured ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints (pain and inflammation) naturally without the risk of contamination from stem cell harvesting and transplantation.
Arthrogen Goldic is a tissue regeneration product that outshines IRAP, PRP, stem cell therapy, and any other product on the market today! Not only is it proven to regenerate tissue but even more importantly it regenerates the original tissue not fibrous tissue or scar tissue. Therefore the regenerated tissue will not break down with normal wear and tear. It will act as the original tissue because that is what it is. Best of all, it is a non-invasive simple procedure requiring no surgery or medications. Your vet can even do it in the comfort of your own farm. Speaking from experience, that is exactly what I did.
Granito, a most extraordinary Andalusian stallion came to my barn in March 2014. He was 15 years old and was trained to Prix St George level in dressage. His owner was looking to sell him so I was to tune him up for sales. When he arrived he was on Pentasan because of lameness issues. His fetlocks had obvious bony changes and he had been diagnosed with low grade chronic degeneration of all 4 fetlocks. He had also had a ligament injury at one time. He was not glaringly unsound but he would sometimes collapse a fetlock when riding him and his front legs would be shaky after mild work. I cautioned his owner that I thought he could not withstand a show career but only light riding that was not too demanding.
In December of 2014 I received an email about a product called Goldic. I wondered if it might be of help to the stallion. He was such a wonderful horse and I thought if it would make him more comfortable and give him longevity; he certainly deserved it. I told his owner about it and we then started the hunt to find a vet to do the procedure. Finally we found an agreeable equine veterinarian, Dr. Todd Burdick, to make the frequent trips to my barn to inject Granito's fetlocks with the Goldic.
I watched as Todd would put the needle into the joint and then attach the syringe with the Goldic to inject. I was not expecting quick results but ever so hopeful. When Todd started the week of the third injections, he was pleasantly surprised. After putting the needle into the joint, fluid began to run out of the needle. Up to this point the joints were dry with no signs of fluid. Todd commented that the fluid was of a good normal consistency. The following week after his fourth injection I took Granito to an exhibition in which he performed fabulously. His legs no longer shook after he worked. Now it is 2016 a little more than a year later and I have used him for many exhibitions since his Goldic injections. He moves with great ease and is absolutely on no medications any longer. I feel like Granito has been given a second chance.
Goldic has been successfully used in equine medicine for more than 12 years and 6 years in humans. In 2004 Goldic was used on the first equine patient. Commander, a 12 year old world class jumping horse in Germany had lameness in both front legs, 2 suspensory ligament tears. Commander, previous to Goldic treatment, had remained lame in the pasture for 2 years. Originally Commander was treated with hyaluronic acid, drugs, and enhanced feed and would appear to have recovered, but he would reinjure himself after going back to competition. Dr. Veith, an equine veterinarian specializing in lameness and arthritis in the Munich area heard about Arthrogen Goldic and decided to try it on Commander. The horse was injected with the Goldic in both front legs following the protocol of one injection per week for 4 weeks. To the amazement of Dr. Veith, Commander was completely regenerated and 4 to 6 weeks after the last injection, he returned to his training and on to further competition. Commander now 22 years old, has not reinjured himself in the last 10 years of his successful jumping career.
Most recently Goldic was used on, Royal Journey, a Thoroughbred race horse in California from Magali Farms. The horse had a fracture in the knee. The third carpal bone was split in half and of course the ligaments were torn as well. At the medical hospital near Santa Barbara California, Alamo Pintado, performed surgery to put the bone back together using a screw to compress the bone together. After surgery, the Goldic treatment was used to regenerate the ligaments. The surgeon Carter E. Judy DVM, stated the following in his report,
"The horse was given a guarded prognosis for return to racing based on the intra-operative findings. The horse was subsequently treated with the Goldic product post-operatively and has since raced three times without lameness issues in the right front carpus. The inclusion of the Goldic product in the post operative care undoubtedly improved the horse's prognosis."
Goldic is proving to be a valuable healing product for equines. It can be used for other animals as well such as cats and dogs. Unfortunately it is not available in this country for human use but only for veterinarian use. However you may take a trip to Germany to visit Dr. Schneider at his clinic in Germany. I actually did just that in September 2015. I had my damaged thumb injected which was injured by two different horse kicks two years ago. In a few weeks after the injection my thumb felt stronger and I could use it much better. Today, six months later, it feels nearly 100%. Dr. Schneider has had many successful cases at his clinic with the Goldic. While in Germany I met a patient who came to Dr. Schneider with a herniated disc and could hardly walk. In seven days after the first injection his pain was gone and he completely quit taking pain medications. He was able to go back to his job and resume normal activities after the 4 injection protocol (4 weeks).
I would consider Goldic to be medicine of the future. It requires no medications, no hospital stay, and no surgery. Though I am not suggesting surgery or medications are not sometimes necessary; however, given a choice, I would certainly opt for Goldic if possible. For example, if I needed a knee or hip replacement assuming that there was still some cartilage left that could be regenerated; I would go for the gold.

By Linda Bertschinger

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