We're Just Not That Into You

We're Just Not That Into You

Submitted by: Shannon Carner
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We're Just Not That Into You
by Shannon Carner DAEP
How to stop loosing farriers or keep the one you've got

Are you having relationship problems with your farrier? Do you have a great appointment and then you never hear from them again? Or do you have a great relationship with your farrier and you want to keep it happy for the long term? Here are 10 things you can do to keep your farrier happy-and see if it is you after all. . .

1. "Hold on, let me catch him."
Farriers are very busy; we carefully plan our day to arrive on time to all of our customers. Please have your horse caught and ready to go. If you really want to be nice, have his feet picked out in advance. The less time we spend under your horse the happier everyone will be!

2. "I forgot you were coming, can we reschedule?"
Forgetting our date! Nothing could be worse than showing up to an empty barn or getting the dreaded last minute phone call. We plan our calendars weeks and sometimes months in advance, carefully putting customers in the same geographic area together. Don't ruin our day by canceling at the last minute. We understand life happens and you may have to change an appointment from time to time, but as soon as you find out you need to change, call us!

3. "I'll call you."
We know what that means. You'll call us after
a. you tried to trim him yourself and made things worse or
b. you're trying to save money by waiting until the feet look really bad.
Take this scenario into consideration: You go to work tomorrow and your boss says ‘Guess what! You get to do twice the work for the same pay!" Letting your horses feet grow longer than they should means more work for us, and is terrible for the hooves and long term health of your horse!

4. "He's never done that before!"
If you horse is a farrier killer, please let us know before we start. All horses have feet, and all horses can kick. We understand this as an occupational hazard, but please do us a favor and let us know before we start. Often times a kind word or reasonable discipline from the owner is all that is needed, but don't wait until we get kicked in the face to tell us about that ‘tiny kicking problem'.

5. "I can't pick up his back feet; I figured you could train him to do that."
We are not here to train your horse. I understand some horses are nervous around new people, or they may hurt and have a hard time standing. But, if your horse is consistently dangerous, and you're not doing anything to train him between visits is unfair to us and your horse.

6. "The internet, Pete Ramey, this new book. . . .said ______________."
If you read it on the internet it must be true, right? Farriers love feet-it's our work and our passion. In order for us to keep our degrees, many of us are required to have continuing education classes once a year. Please do not ask us to do what the latest ‘rock star farrier' told you in a book. We trim the way we feel is best for your horse, not what the latest U-tube video proclaims.

7. Can I have a discount on this: Pony, foal, mini horse?
Mini horses may have a quarter of the actual hoof, but have you ever tried to lean over and squeeze your back under an end table? Foals, again have less hoof, but are not as accommodating. In their minds, some strange human is pulling on my leg-you must die! Finally- we drive all day, pay for gas, insurance, chiropractors, food, and cases of Tylenol. No you cannot have a discount.

8. "Can I have one of your old rasps so I can do it myself?"
Certified farriers and Equine Podiatrists went though a year or more of school, apprenticeships and much trouble to learn our trade. You cannot learn to do it by watching. If you want to go to school, you can apprentice with me when you get out.

9. "I don't have enough time to do that!"
If twenty minutes a day could save your horses life, would you do it? We do not prescribe treatments to torture you, or your horse. We desperately want your horse to put his best hoof forward. If that means not updating your Facebook status in order to do a little hand walking, do it!

10. Breaking up isn't that hard to do.
Really we can handle it. Many problems that arise with your farrier are more of a personality issue that a foot issue. Sure there are a few "Joe with a Rasp" kind of guys out there, but don't just stop calling. Let us know, you're just not that into us!

c.Shannon Carner DAEP www.Carnerequinepodiatry.com



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