Looking for a learning opportunity for your group?

Looking for a learning opportunity for your group?

Submitted by: Jan Snodgrass
Phone: 540/364-7673
Email Address: Goodpony(at)aol.com
Date Added: 12/9/2010

Jan Snodgrass wants you to TTEAM up with your horse through lectures, demonstrations and clinics!

Jan Snodgrass has a 35-year background riding, training and competing horses. She has competed through advanced level 3-day eventing and third level dressage. For the past 20 years Jan has used TTEAM and TTouch, the training methods developed by world renowned instructor and behaviorist, Linda Tellington-Jones to train, retrain, rehabilitate and restore horse's bodies and minds. Jan is a self- described, "Horse Listener," always seeking to understand and enhance the unique connection that can exist between humans and our wonderful equine friends.

Just as her mentor, Linda Tellington-Jones, Jan recognizes horses as intelligent beings and as individuals with an inherent willingness to please people but for the obstacles placed in their way. Jan strives to teach people how to eliminate these common obstacles and how to develop a strong bond with their horses through a deeper level of awareness.

Though she works with all types of horses, Jan has focused on reschooling off-the-track Thoroughbreds for the past several years. Jan has a series on her web site called, "Reschooling the Thoroughbred" which stars "Xcellent Adventure" an ex-race horse she purchased at a VA auction.

Jan is a multi-year presenter at area horse expos including the Equine Extravaganza in Richmond and the Horse World Expo in both Maryland and Pennsylvania. In addition to her lectures and demonstrations at these expos Jan is also known for her musical bridleless jumping exhibitions with her former event horse, Harry Who? Harry is now semi-retired at age 26.

Though she will always see the horses as her most important instructors, Jan credits her human teachers as well. In addition to Linda Tellington-Jones, Jan cites Gabor Foltenyi, Jimmy Wofford, Karen O‘Connor, Denny Emerson, Peggy Cummings, Wendy Murdoch, and Katy Browne Masek, as the most influential. A perpetual student, Jan not only continues taking riding lessons but is on a constant quest to learn more about her equine friends. Her recent studies in liberty training with California based trainer, Carolyn Resnick has given Jan valuable new training tools.

Whether it is Jan's quiet, intuitive method of influencing a horse's mind and body, or her lighthearted common-sense instruction, audiences always find her fun, exciting, and thought provoking.

And, no round pen needed, no expensive equipment to buy!

Lectures (generally one hour)

The Thinking Horse I and II

Jan Snodgrass, TTEAM/TTouch Practitioner 2 presents a unique and fun look at how horses learn. She shows you the best ways to train your horse based on the many ways horses are capable of learning including associative learning, habituation, operant conditioning, whole brain learning and more.

Ten Steps To A Calmer Horse

Jan presents ten things you probably have not thought of which you can do to calm your horse, enhance his learning ability, make him easier to work with and more enjoyable to be around.

Creating Willingness

Jan shows you how to improve your horse's motivation by removing the obstacles of fear, pain and confusion that prevent your horse from responding easily to your direction. Jan shows you how to make your requests clear and easily understood by your horse.

Demonstrations (At least one hour.)

Is Your Horse's Behavior Problem in His Body?
(Demo with horse)

Jan will show you how to check your horse's body for pain, sensitivity and asymmetry to find causes for common behavior problems such as high-headedness, spooking, bolting, bucking, rearing, biting, uneven movement and more. She will show simple methods anyone can do that will address the difficulty, relieve discomfort and improve the horse's behavior.

Softening Your Horse's Resistance
(Demo with horse)

Jan Snodgrass, shows you TTouches and unique ground exercises that change resistant behavior such as refusal to stop, turn, go forward, resistance to grooming, tacking up, refusal to be caught, stand for the farrier and many others. soften the horse's body and increase mutual trust and confidence.

Overcoming Your Horse's Fear
(Demo with horse)

Jan Snodgrass, shows you a step-by-step process that will overcome your horse's fearful reactions by calm association without sacking out, flooding or flagging. These simple exercises will help your horse become safer to handle and to ride.

Improve Your Horse's Eye/hoof Coordination and Balance

Jan will show you simple exercises to improve your horse's coordination and balance. A must for all performance horses and especially for horses who have suffered from EPM, West Nile Virus, other neurological upsets or for those horses who lack good balance and coordination.

Clinics (At least one day)

The Thinking Horse

Overcoming Fear in Your Horse

Get Along Better With Your Horse

Reschooling the Thoroughbred

Softening Resistance

Problem Solving

And more!

For more information please contact Jan or go to www.theexcellenthorse.com


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