Effective Horse Handling 101

Effective Horse Handling 101

Submitted by: Tina Cope
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Date Added: 10/29/2012

Did you know that when you lead your horse it carries over to how the horse responds under saddle???

If he drags behind you or if he looks away from you,
if he runs past you or pulls on your arm. If he does not stop when you stop without pulling on you, or if he does not move forward when you ask without resistance...

Learning how to effectively handle your horse from the ground begins with a few basic steps.

There is a reason the old masters used work in hand to train their horses of any age.

Step 1, you must learn how to handle the horse without resistance and teach the horse not to lean on your hand.
Teaching the horse to stop and start on the wall with your body language and a whip as a reinforcemnt aid from both sides. You can use a halter and lead or a lunge caveson (preferred) to do this.

There are in-hand exercises that can help you accomplish this with ease, if you run into conflict, you should seek out help from a professional who has studied this work.

Step 2 is to teach the horse to come around you on a small circle (at the walk)cultivating a concentric circle, teaching the horse how to release the base of the neck.

If you practice this, you will begin to see the horse soften and comply willingly.

It will carry over in your lunge work and in your riding.

Classical Riding Principles can help any horse and rider. It enables the the handler to educate the horse, therefore the horse becomes a willing partner and not a slave.

Using these principles, I have saved many lives of horses that were deemed dangerous, sour, lame, and unrideable.

This work teaches us to listen and communicate without force and resistance.

It becomes the foundation of all good horseman and women who are in the business to help horses!
Tina Cope
Alivio Farm
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