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1: Quality Tested Horse Hay (Posted: 11/19/2022)

Posted by: Tanner Farms
Winchester Area   WV
Email: tannerfarms(at)
**Superior Quality Horse Hay** - No weeds and No mold; just clean quality TESTED hay that your horses eat, digest and don't waste. Since we grow, bale and test our own hay (versus brokers that just resell someone else's hay), we have control over the quality. We ensure ... more
Price $7.95


2: 1st cutting good orchard grass (Posted: 11/17/2022)

Posted by: Gary Breeden
stanley    VA
Email: countryfarmhouse(at)
1st cutting good orchard grass. no weeds. $6.50 pickup at the barn or delivery is available for additional charge. Located in Stanley, VA... more
Price $6.50


3: Timothy-Orchard Grass Hay (Posted: 11/10/2022)

Posted by: Stephanie Akers
Purcellville   VA
Email: sdakers(at)
2022 Timothy-Orchard Grass hay crop is truly a beauty and ready to go! Large 4x5' round bales, 950-1,000 lbs., net wrapped. Excellent quality (weed-free). 1) Text or call: 703-508-5347; or, 2) call landline: 540-751-1468; or, 3) email: If you call, ... more


4: Mixed grass hay for sale (Orchard and Timothy) , 40-50 lb bales , nice quality , pick up only , $8/bale (Posted: 10/31/2022)

Posted by: St Joseph Farm John McC
Leesburg   VA
Email: johnnrma(at)
Nice quality mixed grass hay for sale (Orchard and timothy grass), 40-50 lb bales at $8/bale , pick up only , St Joseph Farm, Lyme kiln rd, Leesburg ,... more
Price $8.00


5: Timothy Hay for sale (Posted: 10/22/2022)

Posted by: Nica Hughes
Luray   VA
Email: hughesnica(at)
Large round bales - Ave wt. 1500+#/bale. Very good quality native hay; timothy, brome, western wheat, some with crested wheat. Dry Matter 91.1%, Crude... more
Price $220.00


6: Top bedding shavings for sale. (Posted: 9/29/2022)

Posted by: Thorsten Kramer
Email: thkramer2(at)
High quality shavings for sale. Top bedding from Canada. $6.85 a bag... more
Price $6.85

7: Mixed Grass Hay for sale, Sutherland Va (Posted: 9/17/2022)

Posted by: Rick Catlin
Sutherland   VA
Email: Rcatlin14(at)
Nice quality horse hay for sale in Sutherland Va. This is mixed grass hay and was cut September 2022. No fertilizer, no pesticides, no herbicides and no weeds. Stored dry inside barn. Pickup or delivery is available with additional charge. These are 4x4 rolls, twine wrapped ... more
Price $55.00

8: Horse Hay For Sale (Posted: 8/29/2022)

Posted by: Jill Thomas
Middleburg   VA
Email: jillthomas13(at)
Horse quality grass hay for sale
Solid bales, bales with no rain

Pickup or delivery at extra charge... more
Price $8.00


9: Horse Hay For Sale (Posted: 8/16/2022)

Posted by: Twin Ridge Farms
Email: twinridgefarms(at)
Horse Hay for Sale

2nd Cutting Orchard Grass. Excellent Quality. $9.50 small square bales.

Alfalfa Mix 4x5 round bales. 60% to 70-% alfalfa with orchard grass and other grasses. Net Wrap. $80 per bale.

1st Cutting Orchard Grass, Small ... more
Price $9.50


10: Beautiful Alfalfa Orchard Grass Mix Square Bales (Posted: 7/30/2022)

Posted by: Eric Smith
Luray   VA
Email: ersmith(at)
Clean,leafy,green 2nd,3rd and 4th cutting hay. No mold or dust. We guarantee our product, and will replace or refund. Delivery available, 2.00/ bale e... more
Price $9.00

11: 1st Cutting Round Bales (Posted: 7/16/2022)

Posted by: Aude Bauserman
Luray   VA
Email: audebauserman(at)
1st Cutting mixed grass hay. Made in June 2022. Sisal twine 4X5 bales. Located in Luray, Va 22835. Local delivery is available otherwise pick up.
... more
Price $35.00


12: ORCHARD GRASS HAY (Posted: 6/29/2022)

Posted by: Dan Martin
Warrenton   VA
First cutting orchard grass hay for sale. Square bales are 45 - 50 pounds. Please text 540-830-1683... more
Price $6.00

13: Hay Available (Posted: 6/21/2022)

Posted by: Maloree Razzino
Rixeyville   VA
Email: mrazzino22(at)
60-70 older square bales of orchard grass hay available. Approximately 2 years old but has been barn kept. Please email if interested.... more

14: Hay for sale (Posted: 6/12/2022)

Posted by: Jason Berry
Verona   VA
Email: jasonberrystable(at)
2021 mixed grass 4 x 4 round bales for sale. Stored under roof. Suitable for horses. ... more
Price $40.00

15: Brome Square Bales - First Cut (Posted: 4/16/2022)

Posted by: Erin Isaachsen
Aldie   VA
Email: erin.isaachsen(at)
Horse quality, 50 lb bales from PA. Too stemmy for my senior horses. Have about 100 bales, but will have more as I go through the load and find more... more
Price $6.00

16: Sawdust delivered (Posted: 3/17/2022)

Posted by: Brian Webster
Orange    VA
Email: webster22960(at)
Serving Orange and surrounding counties
Maximum load is 16 yards
Please call to discuss pricing and your specific requirements.

... more


17: Brome hay 4 x 5 Round bales Stored Indoors (Posted: 3/13/2022)

Posted by: Kathie Hamlin
Berryville   VA
Email: khamlin(at)
We have a limited amount of 4 x 5 round bales of Brome hay stored inside. Additionally, we also have grass hay for $60. weed free... more
Price $70.00


18: Mixed Grass Hay (Posted: 2/22/2022)

Posted by: Catharina O'Quinn
Hillsboro   VA
Email: dogwoodllcva(at)
Mixed Grass Hay $8.00/bale, Stored inside, mostly first cutting ... more
Price $8.00


19: Orchard grass hay for sale (Posted: 2/2/2022)

Posted by: Anita Young
Waterford   VA
Email: anita.young.ssf(at)
Orchard grass hay for sale. Clean First cutting well cured. We can deliver if needed. We guarantee our hay and want to make sure our buyers are satisf... more
Price $7.50

20: Horse Hay for sale (Posted: 1/6/2022)

Posted by: Dibert Hay & Hauling
Everett   PA
Horse Quality Hay for sale. Small bales in 21 bale bundles. Large quantities available year round. 1st cut timothy/orchard mix $5.50. 2nd cut orchard ... more
Price $5.50

21: Round Bale Hay Huts (Posted: 12/16/2021)

Posted by: Jeff Bodine
Earlysville   VA
Email: enidobj11(at)
Introductory price-750.00. Get in touch today if you have any questions. Side height is adjustable to your horses needs. Keep you round bales out of the mud and covered from rain. All treated lumber and big horse sturdy. Easily holds 4x5 round bales and works ... more
Price $750.00


22: Chicken Litter (Fertilizer) (Posted: 11/30/2021)

Posted by: Josh Kyger
Linville   VA
Email: Jkyger727(at)
I have access to a steady flow of chicken litter I'm wanting to find a home for. Not having a problem selling it currently, however; I would love to ... more

23: Mulch hay and horse hay for sale (Posted: 11/3/2021)

Posted by: Betsy Price
Midland   VA
Email: fishob(at)
Mulch hay for sale - round bales ($10) and square bales ($2). Horse hay for sale - Timothy/Orchard grass mix 2021 first cutting $7 per bale and 2021 ... more

24: Orchardgrass Hay for sale. Early cut and bright colored. (Posted: 7/21/2021)

Posted by: Gail Hunter
Victoria   VA
Our tests from these fields last year were excellent. Local delivery is available. We are located near Chase City VA.... more
Price $6.50

25: Fresh small square bales, orchard mix from Pennsylvania (Posted: 7/7/2021)

Posted by: Matthew Miller
Bedford   PA
Email: Crazycolleen15(at)
We have for sale nice horse quality small square bales. Can deliver up to 300 at a time. They are a nice clean orchard mix. Bales average 45lbs a piec... more
Price $7.50


26: 2nd Cutting Orchard Grass/Mixed grass Square Bales (Posted: 4/26/2021)

Posted by: J. L. Forestell
Orange/Gordonsville   VA
Email: spyderlake(at)
Orchard/ mixed grass hay -- 2nd cutting 40# square bales.
NO BIO-SOLIDS ~ NO WASTE ~ Your horses will love it.

Pick up only, no delivery available.

9 miles from town of Orange
14 miles from Unionville
13 ... more
Price $7.00


27: Second Cut Alfalfa Orchard Mix Grass Hay Square Bales Excellent Quality Locally Grown (Posted: 3/10/2021)

Posted by: Carolina P Carver
Front Royal   VA
Email: cpcarver(at)
Location is Front Royal Virginia Delivery is within 40 miles 65bales Please Message for delivery fee Pick up by appointment When messaging please indicate what variety you are looking to buy and quantity. Available now: Weight 45 lb Average. Some ... more
Price $13.00


28: Excellent Quality Alfalfa Orchard Grass Mix Hay 80/20. Pure Alfalfa. Orchard Blue Grass Kentucky31 Mix Hay (Posted: 3/10/2021)

Posted by: Carolina P Carver
Front Royal   VA
Email: cpcarver(at)
Location is Front Royal Virginia

Delivery is within 40 miles 65bales

Please Message for delivery fee

Pick up by appointme... more
Price $11.00


29: Excellent Quality Alfalfa Orchard Grass Mix Hay - Pure Alfalfa - Orchard Blue Grass Kentucky31 Mix Hay - Beautiful (Posted: 3/10/2021)

Posted by: Carolina P Carver
Front Royal   VA
Excellent Quality Alfalfa Orchard Grass Mix Hay - Pure Alfalfa - Orchard Blue Grass Kentucky31 Mix Hay - Beautiful

Available now:

Weight 45 lb Average. Some bales 50 lbs.

All Second and Third Cutting Beautiful, Excellent Quality, Leafy and ... more
Price $12.00


30: Hay for sale (Posted: 2/28/2021)

Posted by: Betsy Price
Midland   VA
Email: fishob(at)
Timothy/Orchard grass mix square bales for sale. First cutting 2020. $5 per bale. ... more
Price $5.00

31: Round bales for sale (Posted: 2/15/2021)

Posted by: Jana Froeling
Amissville   VA
Email: fullcircleequineservice(at)
Hay for sale. Horse quality, mixed grass - 4x5 net wrapped bale $65. Shed kept. No delivery. In Amissville.... more
Price $65.00

32: Shavings, Livestock bedding (Posted: 2/10/2021)

Posted by: Brandon Butler
Suffolk   VA
Email: brandon.va1776(at)
Kiln dried cypress shavings.Very low dust. Bulk loads starting at $250, approx 20 yards. Delivery and pick up. Delivery fee may apply depending on loc... more
Price $250.00


33: Horse Quality Round Hay Bales (Posted: 12/8/2020)

Posted by: May Keffer
The Plains   VA
Email: kmkeffer(at)
premium mixed orchard grass/timothy large hay bales available for sale. horse quality. they are all net wrapped and have been stored under a roof and ... more
Price $55.00


34: All Natural Zero-Sugar Horse Treats for Sale (Posted: 11/30/2020)

Posted by: Whisper's Horse Hearts
South Riding   VA
Email: info(at)
We are proud to announce that our zero-sugar diet-friendly horse treats are now available for sale. Treat your best friend with the best gourmet treat... more

35: Krafft Feed - Swedish Horse Feed Non GMO (Posted: 10/20/2020)

Posted by: Samantha Pearson
Keswick   VA
Email: mintequine(at)
Non GMO Swedish Horse Feed - we supply the Charlottesville area. Monthly deliveries.... more


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