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1: Quality Tested Horse Hay (Posted: 9/20/2017)

Posted by: Tanner Farms
Winchester Area   WV
Email: tannerfarms(at)
**Superior Quality Horse Hay - 2017** - No weeds and No mold; just clean quality TESTED hay that your horses eat, digest and don't waste. Since we grow, bale and test our own hay (versus brokers that just resell someone else's hay), we have control over the quality. We ... more
Price $5.35


2: 50lb Quiessence (Posted: 9/19/2017)

Posted by: annette wishart
forest   VA
Email: ironmyst(at)
I have a couple 50lb bags of Quiessence that I purchased for a friend, who also purchased, so I need to sell mine. ... more
Price $150.00

3: Tractor Trailer Pine Sawdust delivered to you. (Posted: 9/18/2017)

Posted by: Christa Hess
Ruther Glen   VA
Email: Wtjoneschrista(at)
Tractor Trailer load of pine sawdust delivered to you. Price does vary upon location. Most run between $650-850 again depending on location. Please co... more
Price $850.00

4: (2) galvanized round bale rings (Posted: 9/17/2017)

Posted by: Crossing Pointe Farm
Zion Crossroads   VA
Email: Crossingpointe(at)
(2) galvanized round bale holders. Approximately two feet solid from ground up. Cost $250 each new. Sell for $100 each used. Call 434-466-4797.... more

5: FoalWatch Test Kit (18 tests) - Predict Foal Birth To Within 24 Hours (Posted: 8/29/2017)

Posted by: Tina Scott
Warrenton   VA
Email: snowmeadowfarm(at)
FoalWatch Test Kit - Predict Foal Birth To Within 24 Hours We only used 2 of the orig. 20 tests. Retails new for $40. Selling for $30. Lot No.: 87889/1 Cat. No. K-1700 Exp Jan 2018 Location: Warrenton, VA The test is based on changes in the pre-foaling milk ... more
Price $30.00


6: High Quality Hay (Posted: 8/29/2017)

Posted by: Sebastian Strong
Doe Hill   VA
Email: strongsebastian(at)
High quality hay for sale> second cutting small squares, and first cutting small squares and 4x5 rounds. All grass mix-timothy, orchard grass, clover... more

7: 2nd cutting Orchard Grass small squares (Posted: 8/18/2017)

Posted by: Brad Dean
Penn laird   VA
Email: Bonfireskibwd(at)
Excellent quality 2017 second cutting orchard rain, no weeds. Has great color and great smell. Bales weigh 45-50 lbs.....$6.00/ bale for... more
Price $6.00

8: Hay for Sale! Timothy, orchard grass, and Brome (Posted: 8/17/2017)

Posted by: Madeline Cockerill
Purcellville   VA
Email: Madelinemcl(at)
Choose square bails of either timothy/brome, or orchardgrass/brome. Delivery or farm pick up available. ... more
Price $6.25

9: Horse hay (Posted: 8/13/2017)

Posted by: Foltz Farms
Shenandoah   VA
Email: foltzfarms(at)
Orchardgrass and orchardgrass mixed with a touch of alfalfa, 1st cutting, no rain, NICE!!!, $4.50/bale Barley straw, clean and bright, $3.50/bale. Located 10 miles south of Luray, va and 10 miles north of Elkton,Va on rt.340. Delivery available for extra charge within ... more
Price $4.00


10: 4x6 rubber stall mats (Posted: 8/7/2017)

Posted by: Eileen Kilcommons-Meehan
Fairfax   VA
Email: emkm64(at)
45- 4x6 stall mats ... more
Price $20.00

11: Clean Straw. (Posted: 7/29/2017)

Posted by: nancy olson
dillwyn   VA
Email: dfdudley(at)
Very nice big Straw Square bales. Located in Pamplin VA. $5 per bale call 434-208-0781 no texts... more
Price $5.00


12: Orchard grass hay (Posted: 7/21/2017)

Posted by: Meadowbrook Farm
Barboursville   VA
Email: mbfsporthorses(at)
Hay for sale Orchard grass / fescue mix 1200 lb squares $200 / ton... more

13: Needed Hayfield cut and baled (Posted: 7/6/2017)

Posted by: Michael rally
woodstock   VA
Email: mrally(at)
Approx 15 acres need cut and baled... more

14: Needed: I'm looking for a supplier of clean pine shavings around Fauquier County, VA. (Posted: 6/23/2017)

Posted by: Marianne Campano
Washington   DC
Email: campanomarianne(at)
... more

15: Looking for someone to Hay 12 acres in Warrenton (Posted: 6/17/2017)

Posted by: Maria DeCristoforo
Warrenton   VA
Email: mariadecri(at)
I recently purchased 7 acres of land and am looking for someone to do 2 to 3 cuttings of hay for myself and my neighbor who has a 5 acre lot. You bring the equipment, do the labor, and the first cutting of hay is yours to keep. Pasture is an orchard grass mix. Email is ... more


16: 1st cut square bales quality horse hay (Posted: 6/11/2017)

Posted by: Brenda Rowe
Colonial Beach   VA
Email: Bren914(at)
1st cut fescue/rye square bales of quality horse hay. Delivery available for fee. Please call 240-299-9656... more
Price $5.00

17: Small round bales grass hat (Posted: 6/7/2017)

Posted by: Paul Brand
Mitchells   VA
Email: paul(at)
Nice grass hay 4x4 string tie. Delivery available. ... more
Price $25.00


18: High Country plastics Slow feeder (Posted: 6/6/2017)

Posted by: nancy olson
dillwyn   VA
Email: dfdudley(at)
high country plastics slow feeder. In good condition. $150.00 call 434-414-5618... more
Price $150.00


19: Mixed Grass Hay (Posted: 6/6/2017)

Posted by: Catharina O'Quinn
Purcellville   VA
Email: 12723 Harpers Ferry Rd
Mixed grass hay: great for ponies but my horses and ponies all love it. Bring your truck. Located between Hillsboro and Harpers Ferry in Loudoun Coun... more

20: RealNice Hay & Straw - Alfalfa, Timothy, Orchard Grass & Mixes, Round Bales too (Posted: 6/3/2017)

Email: RealNiceHay(at)
2017 Beautiful Hay Is In From Fields! We deliver throughout MD, VA, & parts of WVA! Minimum for delivery depends upon location/distance. Pick up of standard square bales & round bales is also available in MD. Please call/text or email for pick up address (in MD) & more ... more


21: Round Orchard grass first cut, Loudoun County (Posted: 6/1/2017)

Posted by: Jerry Foley
Bluemont   VA
Email: jfoley1125(at)
Round Orchard first cut round bale hay (June 2017) Loudoun County. No chemicals or pesticides. Call about pricing and delivery ... more

22: Round bales net or string wrapped. 4x5 nice grass hay no GMO, chemicals or herbicide (Posted: 5/19/2017)

Posted by: Paul Brand
Mitchells   VA
Email: paul(at)
Nice grass hay string or net wrapped. 4x5 bales. Discount over 8 bales. Delivery available. No chemicals or GMO ... more
Price $35.00

23: Non-GMO Grain For Sale in Lovettsville (Posted: 5/3/2017)

Posted by: Tina Ann Legno
Lovettsville   Virginia
Email: aliviofarm(at)
Alivio Farm is offering Non-GMO mixed Grains for Horses No fillers, all freshly ground grains Get great results and feed fresh high quality feed Your horses health, coat and hooves will improve tremendously!!! Not to mention, they love it!!! And taking orders ... more


24: Nice quality orchard grass hay for sale (Posted: 4/19/2017)

Posted by: Diane McCool
Leesburg   VA
Email: Cadencestablesva(at)
We have 50-100 bales of nice first cutting orchard grass for sale. You pick up. Call or email us at to schedule. First c... more
Price $6.00

25: FREE HAY (Posted: 4/18/2017)

Email: julie.fletcher(at)
FREE ORCHARD GRASS AVAILABLE- Hay is located between Lexington and Roanoke. There are about 60-65 acres of clean, deep grass waiting to be baled. These fields have been spayed for Stick weed for the past two years,and not been cut. There is a lot of good hay on them. ... more

26: Good quality horse hay (Posted: 4/17/2017)

Posted by: crystal rivers
Lynchburg   VA
Email: serenecreekrun(at)
Find more information on Hay For Sale in VA facebook page Horse quality square bales $7 fescue $10 orchard $15 orchard/alfalfa... more
Price $7.00


27: Horse hay for sale (Posted: 4/15/2017)

Posted by: Betsy Price
Midland   VA
Email: fishob(at)
Timothy/Orchard mix. Round and square bales. First and second cutting. Contact me for more details. 540-270-4615.... more

28: Bagged shavings for sale. 5.15 a bag.... (Posted: 3/28/2017)

Posted by: Charlotte Gerstenfeld
Manassas   VA
Email: gerstenfe(at)
Love these dust free bagged shavings. Easy to pick, lovely white color,in water resistant bags. Delivery is option that is available within the d.c Mi... more
Price $5.15


29: Organic square bales for sale (Posted: 3/12/2017)

Posted by: Jennifer Campbell
Scottsville   VA
Email: Albacelt(at)
2016 fall cutting organic mixed grass hay for sale. Pick up on farm.... more
Price $5.00

30: Absolutely Beautiful first cutting Orchard Grass Hay for sale (Posted: 2/18/2017)

Posted by: Anita Young
Waterford   VA
Email: anita.young.ssf(at)
Clean, well cured, beautiful Orchard Grass Hay for sale. We put up 860 bales for this season and with only five horses on the farm, go figure we a few hundred bales to sell. Please call 703-217-2444, leave a detailed message if I can't pick up the phone. Located in Waterford, ... more
Price $6.00


31: PA Horse quality hay (Posted: 2/13/2017)

Posted by: Dibert Hay & Hauling
Everett   PA
Email: diberthay(at)
We deliver small square bales of hay anywhere in VA, MD or NC. It is good quality horse hay. Good color, mold free and minimal weeds. We have a nice... more
Price $5.50

32: Quality tested first cut orchard glass (Posted: 2/13/2017)

Posted by: Andrea Molineaux
Troy   VA
Email: andreamolineaux(at)
Great quality tested 1st cutting orchard grass hay. No rain or weeds, stored inside. Located in troy (just east of charlottesville) VA. ... more
Price $5.50

33: Round Bales (Posted: 2/11/2017)

Posted by: Crossing Pointe Farm
Zion Crossroads   VA
Email: Crossingpointe(at)
2016 Rounds bales, approx 4x5; $35... more

34: MIXED HAY (Posted: 2/10/2017)

Posted by: Amanda Clatterbuck
Rixeyville   VA
Email: aclatterbuck(at)
Mixed Hay 1st and 2nd Cut Barn Kept Round Bales $30 / Square Bales $3... more

35: Orchard grass 1st cutting small squares. (Posted: 2/9/2017)

Posted by: Collin Richman
Woodstock   VA
Email: auger51910(at)
This hay is clean and barn kept. No mold. 45 to 55 lb bales. Must see. Delivery available. Also available mix grass hay for non-breeding horses, excel... more
Price $5.00

36: Alfalfa Mix and Orchard Grass Horse Hay - Small Square Bales (Posted: 2/5/2017)

Posted by: Twin Ridge Farms
Email: twinridgefarms(at)
Horse Quality Alfalfa Mixed Grass Hay. Small Square bales. Tightly Baled, 40 to 55 pounds per bale. $6.75 per bale. Horse Quality Orchard Grass... more
Price $6.75

37: Need Feed? (Posted: 1/11/2017)

Posted by: Kelly Surles
Fredericksburg   VA
Email: catfishkellyscountrystore(at)
We have a variety of feed for horses, in addition to other farm animals (chickens, hogs, goats, etc). If we don't have what you are looking for, pleas... more


38: Orchard Grass Horse Hay (Posted: 1/5/2017)

Posted by: Jon Till
Roanoke   VA
Email: JonTill(at)
Very clean and nice horse hay both first and second cuttings available. This is low dust hay stored in a tight hay barn ready for pick up.... more
Price $5.00

39: Alfalfa/Orchard Grass Mix (Posted: 1/4/2017)

Posted by: Eric Smith
Luray   VA
Email: ersmith(at)
Alfalfa/Orchard grass mix, small squares-1st cutting, but made early. Nice hay for 1st...5/bale if you pick up, 7/bale delivered. Going fast. Text Eri... more
Price $5.00

40: Quality Alf-Alfa Hay (Posted: 12/29/2016)

Posted by: Evan Mohler
Lovettsville    VA
Quality Alf-Alfa Hay For Sale! 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cuttings available. Call 540-822-5517.... more
Price $8.00

41: WESTWIND FARM HERBALS (Posted: 12/9/2016)

Posted by: Laurie Allen
Gretna   VA
Email: loba7777(at)
Price $1.00


42: Beautiful Horse Hay (Posted: 12/5/2016)

Posted by: Melinda Hagan
Newport News   VA
Email: mh2392(at)
MYSTIC HAY supplying beautiful double compressed horse hay year round! Quality horse hay available for pickup 7 days a week. Offering double compressed bales, ease of handling and ease of storage! Average weight is 38-42lbs. Hay Analysis provided with each type of hay! ... more
Price $8.75


43: Orchard grass and Timothy Hay for Sale (Posted: 12/1/2016)

Posted by: Carrie Swanson
Orange   My hay guys increased the number of acres they harvest this year and are looking for new customers. Mt Pony Farm in Culpeper, across from Commonwealth Park show grounds. Clean, weed-free hay, sold by the pound (the best way to buy hay!). Pick up or delivery, large or small ... more
Price $6.37


44: Stall Mats - MUST GO! (Posted: 11/27/2016)

Posted by: Chrissy Garzon
Upperville   VA
Stall Mats Available - These mats were used in an exercise facility, they are only a year old and have been taken care of and cleaned daily (with professional cleaner). They are practically brand NEW. Pick up ONLY in Winchester, VA 6'x4' - 3/4" Thick $30.00 ... more
Price $30.00

45: Horse Bedding (Posted: 11/11/2016)

Posted by: Mike Early
Bealeton   VA
Email: 13777 marsh rd
Horse bedding delivered call for price... more


46: Two 5lb. bags of Daily Red Equine Minerals (Posted: 10/27/2016)

Posted by: Jennifer Harrison
Bristol   VA
Email: jcurtisharrison(at)
For sale: Two 5lb. bags of Daily Red Equine Minerals. Neither have ever been opened. Purchased in a box lot of auction items and don't need. Can d... more
Price $10.00


47: Round Bales for Sale (Posted: 10/3/2016)

Posted by: Melanie Bayne
Culpeper   VA
Email: whtrnr(at)
Large round bales of mixed grass hay for sale. Suitable for cattle and horses. There is some Johnson Grass in it. This hay has been kept under cover. ... more
Price $25.00

48: Hay for sale (Posted: 9/11/2016)

Posted by: linda till
roanoke   VA
Email: lindatill(at)
Square bales for sale, first and second cutting. Mixed grasses, mostly orchard grass.Bales are very large with very few weeds. Put up dry.... more

49: Cavalor Horse Feed (Posted: 9/9/2016)

Posted by: Charlottesville Southern States
Charlottesville   VA
Email: rachel.miller(at)
Charlottesville Southern States Cooperative at 810 Harris Street in Charlottesville is pleased to announce that we are now carrying the Cavalor Horse Feeds. With a revolutionary puffed grain technology, these feeds are designed for a wide range of performance and pleasure ... more

50: Safety Hay Rack for Stall (Posted: 9/8/2016)

Posted by: Glenquithle Farm
Warrenton   VA
Email: lparnell62(at)
Schneider's Tack Safety Hay Rack: New, still in carton. Never used. Paid $50. Using 3 others and love them! (Using 4th stall for tools and won't... more
Price $30.00

51: Quality Round Bales of 4 X 5 Horse Hay (Posted: 8/26/2016)

Posted by: Janice Rinker
Ringgold   VA
Email: rinker.janice(at)
We have Spring hay and am in the process of cutting our Fall hay. We cut from the Danville Regional Airport runways. All the hay is clean cut. Orchard, Fescue, Timothy, Clover mix. Excellent hay kept under shelter. Never been rained on. Moisture content is between 12 and ... more
Price $35.00


52: 2nd Cutting Orchard Grass (Posted: 8/21/2016)

Posted by: J. L. Forestell
Orange/Gordonsville   VA
Orchard Grass Square Bales. Excellent horse hay -- your horses will love it. $6.50/bale 2nd cutting orchard grass. Bales are approx. 40#. ** ... more
Price $6.50


53: Alfalfa Square Bales, Horse Quality for sale (Posted: 8/12/2016)

Posted by: Camden Manor
Culpeper   VA
Email: camdenmanor(at)
Horse Quality Alfalfa Hay for sale, some with 10% Orchard Grass. No fescue, dust or mold. Great for brood mares. Beautiful leaf in 2nd and 3rd cut... more
Price $9.50

54: Timothy Hay - Square Bales (Posted: 7/31/2016)

Posted by: William Jamison
Covington   VA
Email: leeave96(at)
Timothy square bales of hay. $6.00 each. Covington-Paint Bank VA area. See link to youtub video for through look-see at our hay and its content/qua... more
Price $6.00


55: Horse Quality Hay (Orchard Grass, Alfalfa, Timothy, and Blends) (Posted: 7/25/2016)

Posted by: John Condon
New Windsor   Maryland
Email: condonfarmsmd(at)
Squares (45-50lb average) - Orchard Grass (Straight and Mixed) - Timothy - Alfalfa (Straight and Mixed) - Clover Mixes - Grass Mixes Round Bales (4x5 Net Wrapped) - Orchard Grass - Timothy & Orchard Grass Mixes Straw - Great for bedding or landscaping! We ... more


56: Quality horse hay, Timothy, 50lb bales, 12 flakes average per bale. (Posted: 7/23/2016)

Posted by: MaRia Egger
Rockville   VA
Email: suburbanmaria(at)
Beautiful 50lb bales of Timothy. Horse Candy! $7.50 if you pick up, $9.00 if we deliver, delivery charges may increase for locations more than 20 mile... more
Price $7.50


57: High quality horse hay (Posted: 7/18/2016)

Posted by: Lee Custer
Swanton    MD
Email: leecuster2004(at)
High quality horse hay small squares and large round bales. Please contact me 301-501-2004... more
Price $6.00


58: Round Bales 4x5 (Posted: 6/28/2016)

Posted by: Vicky Rosa
Leesburg   VA
Email: vrosamgmt(at)
Round Bales, 4x5 orchard grass/fescue mix, look great! smell great! 31 available, buy one, buy a few. Cash only. ... more
Price $35.00

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