Virginia Classifieds: Weekend Barn help needed in Barboursville, VA.

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Weekend Barn help needed in Barboursville, VA.

Date Added: 2/18/2017
Posted By: Jenni Johnson
Barboursville,   VA  
Email Address:
Phone: 540 832-7631

JC Andalusians ( ) is in search of a reliable worker for weekend barn help. Professionally run facility with casual atmosphere. The work is terribly unglamorous and includes moving horses around, looking over for injuries, feeding, stalls, keeping things tidy (reads "picking up after the owner") Plus all those added pesky chores that we leave for the weekend when we usually aren't as busy working horses like scrubbing troughs, picking paddocks, bleaching buckets, cobwebbing, scrubbing stall walls (yeah, we do this pretty regularly sorry!) and the like. It IS physical labor, but, I mean, people pay to go to the gym and I'm offering to pay YOU to work. Awesome, amIright?

We want to add to our already fabulous team and I'm looking for someone that can work independently once trained to our routine (which changes with the seasons and type of horses in the barn- did I mention you'll need to be able to go with the flow?). We foal out in the spring, travel a lot in the summer and fall, have layup horses from time to time, offer starting and driving training as well as young horse raising. The number of horses fluctuates in the 10-15 range and weather permitting about half of those live outside. The horses here are wonderful to work with and our clients are the best! Winter is pretty slow and a great time to learn the basics before the pace picks up again.

Horse experience, efficiency, a positive attitude and a good sense of humor are essential.

Email resume (or request our application if you do not have a prepared resume) to:
All employees over the age of 18 will start at $10/hour. Those that show reliability and efficiency will be eligible for pay increases based on performance.

Inquiries will be asked to fill out an application and provide references

Hired employees will be required to fill out a w-4 and provide us with I-9 required documents prior to starting. Individuals that qualify as independent contracts will be required to fill out a w-9 and may be subject to a 1099.
No, we will not pay cash - please don't ask!

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