Virginia Classifieds: Looking for a barn hand for a small horse farm

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Looking for a barn hand for a small horse farm

Date Added: 4/27/2017
Posted By: Sarah Jarosinski
Powhatan,   VA  
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I am looking for someone to do AM and PM farm chores. I currently have six of my old show horses in the barn. They're all upper teens/early 20s and pretty low maintenance (The big Warmbloods sometimes struggle to hold their weight through the winter, though). I took care of the farm throughout my high school years and on holiday/summer breaks during college and vet school. However, I now do not live very close now because of my job.

The morning chores take about an hour and a half (if you have to muck) and evening chores take about an hour (and this flip flops when the turn out changes). I have a short document drafted regarding how I would like the farm run, for simplicity sake. All of these horses mean the world to me, and they deserve a good retirement, so I expect high-quality work. There wouldn't be a whole lot of other farm work. I would like the ring and the stone dust area around the barn to be groomed regularly to keep the weeds at bay. But I wouldn't expect you to mow the fields or do extensive farm maintenance. My ideal candidate would be someone who has some comfort in recognizing colic signs and laminitis signs and would feel comfortable giving IV medications.

Please send me your resume, references, and expected compensation if you're interested.