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Affordable Farm Services  
Nokesville, VA   20181
Contact Person: Cleve Benton
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Phone: (703) 400-8446

We are the area representatives for the Rotary Manure Spreader, the most ecologically smart, easy to use, and mechanically simple (no parts to break!) manure spreader in the world.

The manure is shred into small pieces that dry out and incorporate faster into the soil returning nutrients, enzymes, and microbial organisms to the soil within days. Pictured is a typical spread laid out by the Rotary.

Mechanically Smart!
The Rotary Manure Spreader is completely ground driven, no PTO to hook up, and no belts, chains, gears, or cables to wear out, bind up or break. The mechanically Smart Rotary contains no wood to rot or splinter. Heavy duty truck bearings, 1/8 inch structural steel, and angle iron covered with high-density powder coating make for a long lasting machine. The weight is evenly distributed on the four-wheeled frame. There is no weight on the hitch therefore requiring 1/2 the horse power to pull twice the weight.

User Smart!
The Rotary Manure Spreader is completely user friendly! Hydraulic lifts help raise and hold the lid. The opening of the barrel can be positioned at any height to accommodate muck buckets, wheel barrows, and front end loaders. Easily moved by hand when empty, and easy to hitch.

If you are looking for a manure spreader of your own, consider the Rotary Spreader. You'll be happy with the results!

We offer a variety of services for horse owners including reliable, affordable manure removal, spreading manure on your fields, bush hogging, and other farm related services. We are also the area representatives for the Rotary Manure Spreaders so if you are interested in having one of your own, feel free to contact us.

We've built our farm from scratch (it was literally a junk yard when we bought it) and we can provide advice and assistance on subjects such as building an arena, use of a sacrifice area and rotating pastures, time-saving ideas for barn design and building, fencing, etc... If you have a need for work around your farm, talk to us about it and we just might be able to help.

For our manure removal customers, we offer two types of service.

First the traditional service where we bring our Trak-Cat (or our tractor with a front end loader) and a dump truck. We use our Track-Cat to load your manure into the dump truck and remove it. We've included photos depicting the process and our trucks.

We also offer a 16 cubic-yard, roll-off, manure bin (dumpster) service. You fill the bin up with your manure and bedding waste and once a month (or more often if needed) we'll replace your full bin with an empty one. This provides you with an environmentally friendly place to store your manure between pick-ups. There are photos depicting the delivery truck and bin.

Give us a call and we'll be glad to help!

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