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Healing Vibes Mobile PEMF  
NORFOLK, VA   23504-3706
Contact Person: Teresa McCarty
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Phone: 7574487753

🌀PEMF Therapy isn't just about making the horse feel good in the moment.  It's about making the body healthier so our beloved athletes can feel good everyday!🌀

When we use PEMF, the magnetic field targets unhealthy cells.  These cells...
❌Have a hard and rigid cell membrane.
❌Only allow some of the nutrients and oxygen to enter the cell.
❌Only allow some of the waste products, inflammation, and toxins to leave the cell.
❌Have a low charge.

After PEMF, the cells are now healthier and...
✔️Have a soft and permeable cell membrane.
✔️Allow nutrients and oxygen to enter the cell.
✔️Allow waste products, inflammation, and toxins to leave the cell.
✔️Have a healthy charge.

So what does this mean for your horse???
A happier and healthier body 🐎

🌀 Increases energy, improve performance & sense of well-being.
🌀Relieves pain with no medication, often with immediate but lasting response.
​🌀Decreases inflammation and increases range of movement.
🌀Enhances muscle function, endurance, strength and recovery.
​🌀Increases circulation.
🌀Accelerates bone mending and wound healing.
​🌀Stimulates faster & healthier recovery from exercise or injury.
🌀Improves blood oxygenation.
​🌀Provides relaxation, stress reduction and deep tissue massage through pulsating muscle stimulation.

Have questions or want to schedule an appointment?
Give me a call 757 448 7753



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