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2017 Homesteader 2H BP HT-59413 (Posted: 7/24/2017)

2017 Homesteader 2H, BP 7'8" tall x 7' wide, rear ramp, escape doors, GVWR 7000, empty weight 3840, Beige... more
Price $13,395.00


2017 Homesteader 3H Slant HT-58432 (Posted: 7/24/2017)

2017 Homesteader Gooseneck, 3H Slant, dressing room, collapsible rear tack, escape door at first stall, window in dress wall, Rumber Floor, spare tire... more
Price $16,795.00


2007 DreamCoach 2+1 w/ 11" LQ (Posted: 7/24/2017)

2007 DreamCoach 2+1 w/11'LQ, Rumber floors in HA, rear ramp, 60'side ramp, 2 escape doors, elec/hyd jack, power awning, 15K GVWR, removable dividers, fans in HA, aux batteries, BUNKHOUSE CONVERSION, sleeps 3, full bath w/shower, microwave, stove top, 13,500 BTU A/C w/heat ... more
Price $39,995.00

1998 Barrett 5 to 6 Horse GN HT-14543 (Posted: 7/21/2017)

1998 Barrett 5 to 6 Horse GN Head to Head. 7'6" tall x 8' wide, side ramps, no rear ramp, 6 ponies, 5 horses, 1 horse slan in dress area with ramp and... more
Price $14,995.00


2014 Twi-Lite 2 Horse BP with Dress HT-01524 (Posted: 7/21/2017)

Price Reduced! 2014 Twi-Lite 2 Horse BP with Dress. 7'6" tall x 6'8' wide, ramp, 2 escape doors, window in the dress wall, rear curtains with windows, aluminum over steel frame, 2 stack saddle rack, bridle hooks. No head divider, solid shoulder divider, removable divider. ... more
Price $12,495.00


2014 2 Horse BP Slant w/Dress HT-028361 (Posted: 7/21/2017)

Just Arrived 2014 Homesteader 2H BP Slant, Diamond Package, 7'2" tall x 7' wide, screwless sides, Maxxair roof vent, insulated ceiling, carpeted in t... more
Price $9,995.00


2017 River Valley 2+1 HT-00348 (Posted: 7/17/2017)

2017 River Valley 2+1, 7'6 x 6'8", 60" side ramp with 4' dressing room, Rumber Floors in horse Area, 10' Straight Load in the rear, 8' box stall in the front, Conversion Doors, that will convert to 2 9' box stalls, Drop Windows at the horses heads, Walk thru door from the ... more
Price $25,995.00


2016 River Valley 2H BP w/dress HT-00208 (Posted: 7/12/2017)

2016 River Valley 2H BP w/dress, 2 escape doors, rear ramp w/curtains, window in dress wall,Rumber floor w/20 year manufacturers warranty, saddle rack... more
Price $15,195.00


2016 Platinum Coach 2H BP w/ Dress HT-07969 (Posted: 7/8/2017)

SALE 2016 Platinum Coach aluminum 2h BP w/dress, 7'6" tall, 7' wide, Drop down windows on the escape doors, Rumber flooring, rear ramp, slatted head a... more
Price $23,495.00


2000 World 2H BP stock sides HT-28872 (Posted: 7/8/2017)

2000 World Trailer 2H BP, stock sides, new tires, 7' tall x 6' wide, wood floors w/mats, rear ramp w/curtains, aluminum over steel frame, side escape ... more
Price $4,995.00


1990 Wil-Ro 2H GN w/dress HT-12105 (Posted: 7/8/2017)

1990 Will-Ro 2H GN w/dress, new tires, 8'9" in horse area, 7 tall 6 wide, grey, ... more
Price $2,995.00


2016 Platinum Coach 2+1 GN Stock Combo w/Dress HT-07822 (Posted: 7/5/2017)

2016 Platinum Coach 2+1 GN stock combo w/dress, rear ramp with curtains, 60" side ramp, 7'6 tall, 7' wide, rumber flooring, rubber in dress, walk-thru... more
Price $35,695.00


New and Used Horse Trailers (Posted: 7/5/2017)

New and used horse trailers, cargo, utility and dump. Full service and fabrication Shop. Financing available- call for details.... more


2017 River Valley 2H GN - On Order (Posted: 7/5/2017)

ON Order River Valley 2H GN w/ dress, Rumber floor, 7'6" x 6'8", 22' long, GVWR 9950, empty wt 4580, 2 escape doors, window in dress wall, mounted sp... more
Price $17,995.00


2004 Sundowner 3H Slant GN with 12' LQ HT-4056 (Posted: 7/5/2017)

2004 Sundowner 3H Slant w/ 12'LQ and 5'mid tack/bunk room, full bath, sleeps 5 w/bunks, heat/AC, full fridge, generator, stove, microwave, oven, automatic awning. GVWR 16K, empty 11,980, double rear doors w/ramp over, 42" stalls, drop down windows at head, stallion divider ... more
Price $34,995.00


2017 Homesteader 2 Horse BP no Dress HT-58477 (Posted: 7/5/2017)

2017 Homesteader, 2H BP, No Dress, 7'8 x 7' 2 Escape doors, Ramp, 2 Saddle Racks, Bridle Hooks, Silver, Rumber Floors, Removable Dividers, Spare Tire,... more
Price $10,995.00


2017 Homesteader 2 Horse GN with Side Ramp HT-58314 (Posted: 7/5/2017)

2017 2H GN with Side Ramp, 7'8 x 7, 14' in the HA, 3'6" dress, Walk thru Door with Window, Escape Door, Loading Lights, Removable Dividers, Spare Tire... more
Price $18,495.00


2017 Homesteader 3H Slant GN HT-59154 (Posted: 6/28/2017)

2017 Homesteader 3H Slant, gooseneck, Rumber floors with 20 year manufactures warranty,7'W x 7'8"T,collapsible rear tack, escape door at first stall, ... more
Price $16,995.00


2018 Hawk 2H BP with Dress HT-83558 (Posted: 6/24/2017)

2018 Hawk 2H BP w/Dress. 7'6" Tall x 6'8" Wide, 2 Escape Doors, 20 Year warranty Rumber Flooring in Horse Area, Walk Thru Door into Dress, Rubber on the Dress Floor, Rear Ramp with tie back Curtain Doors with 20" x 24" Windows. Tubular Head and Shoulder Dividers, Removable ... more
Price $16,395.00


2018 Hawk 2H BP Side Ramp with Dress HT-83559 (Posted: 6/24/2017)

2018 Hawk 2H BP with side ramp and dress; 7'6" tall x 6'8" wide; 20 year warranty Rumber floor in horse area (;20"x 51" window in dress wall- enhances ventilation and light; rear ramp with tie back curtain doors ;Side Ramp, 1 escape doors in horse area with ... more
Price $19,395.00


2018 Hawk 2+1 GN with Dress HT-83500 (Posted: 6/24/2017)

2018 GN, Hawk 2+1 with dress, door from horse area to dress, box stall divider, rumber in horse area, washable floor in dress, saddle racks and bridle... more
Price $31,395.00


2017 Homesteader 2H BP with Dress HT-59151 (Posted: 6/24/2017)

2017 Homesteader 2H BP with Dress, 7'8" tall x 7' wide, rear ramp, 2 escape doors, removable dividers, rumber flooring, saddle racks, loading lights, spare tire, Loading Light over Rear Ramp, Nudo on the dress Floor, empty weight 3829lbs, car. cap. 3171lbs, GVWR 7000lbs ... more
Price $12,495.00


2017 Homesteader 2H GN with Dress HT-059121 (Posted: 6/24/2017)

2017 Homesteader 2H GN w/dress. 7'wide x 7'8" tall, Rumber floor in horse area,floor has a 20 year warranty, washable floor in the dress, window in d... more


2015 Gore 2H BP with Dress (Posted: 6/24/2017)

2015 Gore 2H BP with Dress, 7'6" Tall x 6' wide, window in the dress wall, 2 escape doors, windows in the curtain doors, ramp, window in the dress door, Aluminum over Steel, Wood floors with mats, Saddle Racks, Bridle hooks, Blanket bar, loading light above ramp, Removable ... more
Price $13,995.00


2013 Shadow 3H GN with Dress (Posted: 6/24/2017)

2013 Shadow 3H GN with Dress, 7'6" X 6'9" Single Rear Doors, GVWR 7000, Empty Wt. 3800lbs Carry Cap. 3200lbs. Stock side in the back, drop windows in the front, 42" Stalls, removable dividers, NO back tack, Alum Floor with Mats, 3 stack saddle in the dress, bridle hooks, ... more
Price $10,995.00