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Jan Snodgrass--Training, retraining, rehabbing and more!
10173 Valley Dale Lane
Marshall VA 20116
Visit my Green Page for Jan Snodgrass--Training, retraining, rehabbing and more!
Visit my Green Page for Jan Snodgrass--Training, retraining, rehabbing and more!
Visit my Green Page for Jan Snodgrass TTouch Training and more!

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Learn How To Teach Your Horse Good Habits & Eliminate Bad Ones At This Clinic! (Posted: 5/20/2017)

Learn How to Create Good Habits & Eliminate Bad Habits in Your Horse Join Jan Snodgrass of The Excellent Horse on Saturday, June 24th from 9am to 4pm at Lightheart Farm in Marshall, Virginia to obtain the tools you need to influence your horse’s behavior by understanding ... more

Learning Opportunities for your Barn or Group! (Posted: 5/17/2017)

Imagine learning to get a long better with your horse through clinics, demonstrations, lectures and more! Why not invest in learning opportunities that will pay dividends in safety and the enjoyment of horses of your group? Jan Snodgrass offers fun and innovative learning ... more


More Freedom of Movement, Better Balance, Calmer Attitude. Sound Good? I Can Help! (Posted: 5/8/2017)

If your horses performance is limited by tightness in his body, if you have trouble keeping him balanced and calm do not try yet another bit, or anoth... more


Bringing Your Horse Back! (Posted: 4/28/2017)

Has your horse suffered from illness or injury? Has there been loss of muscle, balance, strength or coordination? Do you need help bringing him or her back into full work? I have extensive experience rehabilitating and restoring horses bodies and minds. Whether it is ... more


Improve your horse's behavior in just TWO days!! (Posted: 4/21/2017)

Solve the problems that prevent you from having fun with your horse! Sign up now for a private two-day intensive horse training clinic with Jan Snodgrass customized to you and your horse! Any behavior problem can be addressed from the merely annoying to the downright dangerous ... more


Short or Long-Term Training Solutions for Your Horse!! (Posted: 4/14/2017)

Have you ever wanted training for your horse but did not want to pay for an entire month of training or more? I have the solution!! I offer short term training solutions from single sessions, to two-day private training clinics to two or three weeks of regular training ... more


I can improve your horse's movement and performance! (Posted: 4/1/2017)

Does your horse's performance suffer because of stiffness and lack of balance? Does he have difficulty bending or turning under saddle? Do you have trouble keeping your horse up off his forehand? 

I use simple, effective exercises to improve flexibility ... more


Watch TTouch improve a horses movement and balance in just 25 minutes! (Posted: 2/28/2017)

Watch this horse's way of going improve after receiving just 25 minutes of TTouch. Want to improve your horse's way of going, balance and behavior? Jan Snodgrass has over 25 years experience improving horses with the innovative methods of TTouch and TTEAM training. ... more


A changed horse by the end of your riding lesson!! (Posted: 2/15/2017)

Jan Snodgrass offers a unique riding lesson experience by incorporating TTouch body work on your horse during your lesson. Your horse will show improvement through increased: * balance * flexibility * responsiveness

 Your horse will quickly show ... more


Have you ever tried to train your horse and FAILED? (Posted: 2/4/2017)

I can help you understand how horses learn best and together we can reach your training goals! I am Jan Snodgrass and I don’t get sidetracked by unhelpful concepts such as “dominant behavior” or try to demand "respect” from a horse who is simply confused. Instead, I ... more


What Will Your New Year Bring? (Posted: 12/11/2016)

When you gather for the holidays this year, what will you tell your friends and relatives when they ask you why you pay all that money to keep that horse that you cannot ride or handle? Why not start the New Year right? Invest in horse training so you and your horse can ... more


Off the track--Or just off track? (Posted: 11/7/2016)

Is your horses behavior just too much for you to handle? Then try training with a proven track record! Jan Snodgrass has a 35-year background riding, training, retraining, rehabilitating and restoring horses bodies and minds! Retraining offered for: *Tension, stiffness, ... more


Week-end stall cleaning needed--Marshall (Posted: 10/12/2016)

Trainer needs very reliable stall cleaning help on weekends. Usually 6 stalls. Flexible hours. Also needs feeding and turning in and out during the occasional weeks spent away from home! Pay to reflect experience and ability to do a good job. Stalls cleaned and bedded, ... more
Price $12.00